A leaked photo unveils the new feature of GoPro Hero 9

GoPro, a sports camera brand loved by outdoor enthusiasts, Vloggers, and YouTubers for the reason that it is extremely portable while able to shoot with incredible quality.

They are expecting to release their new flagship Hero 9 in September 2020. A leaked case photo from Photo Rumors showing the front plate of the GoPro Hero 9 has two large holes.

The round one on the right will obviously be for the camera, while the left square one has reserved a larger screen position, commenters posit that it may add a front-facing color LCD screen to facilitate users to take selfies.

Image souced from Photo Rumors

In addition, there is a small elongated hole at the top of the screen, which may be the front microphone to record video with better audio. The leaked GoPro Hero 9 front plate photo is the only substantial piece of information we have at this moment.

More news about the upcoming camera will be released soon.