Among Us – A fun multiplayer deduction game everyone is playing right now

Among Us is a social deduction game launched by Innersloth in 2018. In the beginning, the game did not receive much attention. Thanks to live streaming and online videos, everyone got to know this game.

The game receives a massive surge in popularity since early summer due to the impact of the epidemic. 3 million online players are tired of social distancing and eager to have some fun with friends in this online playground.

In this article, we are going to explain the basic rules of this game for players who want to start playing from now on.

What is “Among Us”?

“Among Us” is a social deduction game that allows 4 to 10 players play together and takes the universe as the stage. Players will be divided into two camps, Crewmate and Imposter, and play the game until the victory conditions of their respective camps are met.

Victory conditions for the Crewmate camp

  • Complete all pre-configured tasks in spacecraft
  • Exile all imposters

Victory conditions for the Imposter camp

  • Kill or exile crew members so that the current number of your camp is the same as the crew camp

The biggest difference from other social deduction games is that it divides the action part and the exile voting into two different sections. In other words, other than verbal communication skills, you also need to ensure your action is in line with your statement to gain the trust of your partners or find a way to had an airtight alibi to get rid of suspicion.

The player with the highest number of votes in the exile vote will be exiled. Find a way to win the trust of your partners through the game.

You can choose “Mouse” or “Mouse + Keyboard” mode depends on your preference. Although you can achieve a more intuitive game operation using “mouse” mode, it will become more troublesome to perform the precise operations while taking into account other actions.

If you use “Mouse + Keyboard” to play, WASD or arrow keys are used to control movement, while number keys are used to execute commands. It is recommended to use this method of operation as many actions must be performed during the game.

The number of Crewmate and Imposter can be set when creating the room. The room setting in this article is set to be 8 to 10 people, and the number of imposters is fixed at 2. We are going to introduce the goals and rules of Crewmate and Imposter respectively.

The room setting in this article is set to be 8 to 10 people, and the imposter is fixed at 2


As a crewmate, you have to complete tasks while watching out for the suspicious imposter and building consensus for an accusation. Some of the tasks can be completed in the cabin, while the location of other tasks can be found on the map.

Number of tasks can be set before game starts.

There are three types of tasks: general tasks, short tasks, and long tasks, all of which are simple and easy games. Once all tasks are completed, crew members win the game. Therefore it is important to complete all tasks as quickly as possible and to make people in the imposter camp feel anxious.

In “FREEPLAY” mode, you can add practice tasks to the machine at the beginning (set by yourself). In addition, click “Be_Impostor.exe” to change the faction from a crew member to an imposter, so as to know the system dedicated to the imposter (details will be discussed later)

The task progress bar is displayed at the top left of the screen. The bar is fully filled if all the crew members have completed tasks.
A checking result will be obtained after performing “Visual Task”.Since the imposter cannot perform the task, the identity of the group member can be determined when the result is displayed.

Imposters will not just sit still and let the Crewmate complete all tasks and win. Imposters are always waiting for the opportunity to sabotage Crewmates acting alone, and use all means to win.

Crewmembers acting alone are often being murdered in the process of performing the tasks. If possible, try not to perform any tasks alone.
Only imposters can use the Sabotage command. Imposters can also perform special missions that will immediately defeat the crewmate if they are not lifted within the time limit.

Here comes the second winning condition for Crewmate: “Exile all imposters”.

The main ways of exile are to report the dead body of a crewmate or press the emergency button to enter the “Emergency Meeting”, which is discussed by all the surviving players, and the player with the most votes is exiled. Crewmate cab base on their past actions and testimonies to discuss and find imposters.

When a dead body is found, the Report button at the bottom right will light up, and a meeting will be conducted after pressing the button. Let’s tell everyone where the dead body was found in the meeting!

There will be a broadcast icon in the player field that calls everyone to gather

There is a limit on how many times each player could hold an emergency meeting, so try to wait till the appropriate time to use it.

The exile voting session is divided into discussion and voting section. The length of the two sections can be set in advance. In the voting section, you can vote for people you doubt or you can choose to abstain. In addition, if the votes are tied, no one will be exiled and the game will continue.

You cannot interact with others by verbal discussion during the gameplay. Players are allowed to have verbal discussions only when they are participating in the exile voting section. You can also see the text in the chat room by clicking on the pop-up window in the upper right corner.

The above is the introduction of the gaming pattern of crewmates. All crew members should perform tasks as soon as possible, hold meetings when they find dead bodies or feel strange things happen, and exile people who are being suspected as imposters.

In addition, since there are two winning conditions, it is important to choose the side with a higher chance of winning.

A crewmember will become “ghosts” after being killed by an imposter. Ghost can continue to perform tasks and those completed tasks will also be reflected in the progress bar.

In the case of witnessing the killing scene, the reporter is often the exile target of the imposter during the discussion section. It is suggested to propose radical strategies such as one-for-one exchange (all suspects including yourself are exiled), which further enhance the winning rate of crewmates.


On the other hand, the victory condition for the imposter camp is to “kill or exile crewmate so that the current number of imposter and crewmate are at the same number.”

Although this goal is fairly simple and easy to understand, imposters are often in a situation that they are easy to be suspected in the nature of the game. They must carefully arrange an alibi to win the trust of others and deceive the eyes of the crewmate as the key to victory.

After getting close to the crew member for a certain distance, the “Kill” button will light up. After clicking the button, you can approach and kill the target instantly.

Imposters can also use functions such as reporting dead bodies or emergency buttons to hold exile meetings. If you want to cover the dead body or obscure the time of the killing, holding a meeting in person is a feasible strategy to gain trust from the crew members.

The position of tasks will also be shown to an imposter on the map, but they cannot perform the tasks. In order not to be noticed by others, pretending that you are running a task is a very important code of action.

The ability to help an imposter to kill a crewmate is “Sabotage”. This is a system that can only be used by an imposter, such as making the system out of power to make the field of view extremely narrow, causing an abnormality in the atomic reactor, stopping the operation of the door for a period of time, etc.

Performing various sabotages hinders the progress of the tasks. In addition, these destructive tasks cannot be performed at the same time, and you have to wait for a certain cooling time after use. Active interference is also a good way to play, but it’s best to cast that interference at the best timing.

Different maps have different destruction work items that can be used. Use the “Sabotage” at the bottom right of the screen to open the map and click on the corresponding place to start interference.

The door closing function of The Skeld map will block the selected door for 10 seconds. In addition, you can choose a plurality of different doors to interfere.

Just like the closing function of The Skeld map, the closing function of the Polus map allows an imposter to choose multiple doors located in different places to close at a time. It can also be used in conjunction with other destruction tasks, but the crew member can open the door if the button on the door is arranged properly.

The lightning symbol is a lighting disturbance, which makes the crew member’s vision become extremely narrow in order to create an opportunity for the imposter to perform killing.

The radiation symbol is the interference of the reactor. When the timer reaches 0, the reactor will meltdown and the imposter will win. To clear this alarm, two players need to scan their hands at different stations simultaneously.

The O2 symbol is oxygen interference. Like the reactor meltdown, the imposter will win if the timer reaches 0.

The radio wave symbol is communication interference. When this interference is active, crewmember cannot locate the tasks on the map, and also makes the Security, Vitals, Admin, and DoorLog to lose their functions.

All the mentioned interference will be restored to normal after the crew members solved the problem. When the sabotage work is launched, it will show the location to restore the work on the map, crewmate must act quickly to solve the problem.

There is also another system dedicated to the imposter – “Vent”, a tunnel that allows imposter to move from one crypt to another instantly. Traveling to another place can fabricate better. However, if the movement of entering and leaving the tunnel is witnessed by the crew member, their identity will be exposed immediately.

The animation is a bit obvious in the tunnel movement. If you are caught, you should consider killing a witness on the spot or sue others for accountability.

During the period of hiding in the tunnel, the cooling time of killing will also stop counting.

The above is the action mode of the imposter. The ideal process is, of course, to kill the left alone crew member, and quietly rendezvous with other players when the dead body is not noticed.

But when multiple players act together, it is difficult to find opportunities to secretly perform killing. It is necessary to use sabotage and create more opportunities.

In addition, although the imposters can recognize their partners, they cannot communicate directly during the gameplay. The inability to read the minds of partners or cooperate with each other through words causes great game difficulties, but they must cooperate with each other in time, and they must decisively abandon their partners at critical moments.

If there are more than one imposters in the game, although you can recognize who your partner is at the beginning of the game, you cannot communicate with each other. This is the difficult and fun part for an imposter to play the game.

The imposter will also become a ghost after being exiled, but can only perform disruptive interference.

Although it is best to catch the crew member who left alone, it is also a brilliant plan to boldly execute the killing on a crowded map.

Facilities available for Crewmate and Imposter

There are facilities that can be used by both parties. Depending on the map of each game, the facilities and places that can be used are also different. There are 3 maps available in Among Us: The Skeld, MIRA HQ, and Polus. Here, we take a look at the facilities of each of them.

The Skeld

(1) Emergency button

(2) Admin

(3) Security

The emergency button was placed in the center of the cafeteria. The player can check out the number of players in each room at Admin, and see the cameras’ view at Security.

The number of players in each room can be viewed in Admin.
In Security, the player can view the pictures of 4 places at once. A red light will blink above the cameras when someone is currently watching the cameras.


(1) Emergency button

(2) Admin

(3) DoorLog

MIRA HQ is the smallest map available in Among Us. The emergency button of MIRA HQ is also located at the center of the cafeteria. The Admin has the same function as The Skeld, but there is no Security where you can watch the cameras. Instead, at the Y-shaped intersection on the right side of the map, it logs players who pass through the three sensors on the map.

The Doorlog record can be used as evidence to prove that the imposter has moved through the vent


(1) Emergency button

(2) Admin

(3) Security

(4) Vitals

Polus is the largest map in Among US. The emergency button is set in the office. While Admin has the same functions as other maps, players need to press a button to switch the monitoring screen in Security. In addition, there is a unique facility in this map – Vitals, an ability to check players’ vital signs to see who is alive, dead, or disconnected.

The screens of 4 cameras can be switched in Security. Like The Skeld‘s cameras, a red light will blink above the cameras when someone is currently watching the cameras.

The main process of gameplay

First, create a room for group members. Select Create Game from ONLINE set the number of maps and imposters, the language of the text chat room, and the maximum number of people in the room. Finally, click Confirm to proceed.

The opened room can be switched between PRIVATE and PUBLIC. If you want to play with your friends, keep it PRIVATE. Send your friends the alphanumeric characters displayed at the bottom of the screen, and use Enter Code to join the room.

Players can join a private room by entering their passcode

Players can change the appearance of the character’s color, hat, shape, etc by tapping the machine in the room.

The rule items that can be changed are as follows. If you feel that one of the camps is too dominant, adjust the rules.

Among Us is a multiplayer deduction game that requires lots of communication between players. The rules are simple and straight forward, players can easily enjoy the game with simple operation.

This game is all about trust and deceit. From proving your innocence as a Crewmate to fabricating alibis as an Imposter, you’ll love this brilliant party game on mobile platforms and Steam on PC, no matter how many times you play.