Apple China iPhone sales increased by 225% in Q2 2020

CINNO Research, a Shanghai market research company, has announced the sales data of China’s smartphone market recently. Surprisingly, Apple has been the fastest gainer in smartphone sales in China and reported a 225% increase in Q2 2020, compared to the Q1 2020.

Apple’s amazing growth in China comes after the poor sales in first quarter, which was reported only 500,000 iPhones shipped in February. iPhone 11 and the new iPhone SE were the two strong sellers in the second quarter.

iPhone SE (2020) was among the best sellers in China, image sourced from Apple

According to figures released by CINNO Research, 13 million units of iPhone has been sold in the second quarter. In addition to the substantial increase over the first quarter, it is also a 62% year-to-year.

With the upcoming launch of new flagship iPhone 12 and 5G technology, analysts believe Apple’s sales figure in China will further increase.