Apple may offer a connector between two iPads or an iPhone and iPad

Have you ever thought about connecting two Apple peripheral devices together?

From a patent granted by the US Patent and Trademark Office on 28 July, it suggests that Apple may offer an accessory that connects two iPads or an iPad and iPhone together, allowing the upper device to act as the display, while the lower as a dynamic keyboard.

The key benefit of the jointed unit is less clumsy. No extra accessory has to be carried around for iPad users who prefer better typing experience. If the two devices are identical in size, the connector can attach to the side of the devices to form a notebook-style arrangement.

Image souced from Apple

From the patent titled “Modular multiple display electronic devices”, the extra hardware would consist of sections that attach to the side of a peripheral device, complete with some form of the connector, and a hinged element.

The connector also allows file transfer between the two devices and more works can be carried out if they are working on the same operating system.

Image souced from Apple

Even though Apple has filed the patent applications, it does not guarantee the existence of such a product or service as Apple files numerous applications on a weekly basis and not all of them have been produced.