G-SHOCK debuted it’s latest G-Lide series, GX100

G-SHOCK launches the latest G-Lide collection, aiming for the sport enthusiast who loves surfing and fitness.

The new GX100 is made with the same casing if the DW-5600 series, comes in the form of an elongated octagon reminiscent. GX100 is available in three colors, black, white and aquamarine, providing the core functionality with all the G-SHOCKs that feature a bunch of functions via Bluetooth connectivity with your cellphone:

  • Provide tidal information across the world and even the moon data
  • A step tracker to track the number of steps you have taken
  • A workout planner that keeps track of your performance like track speed and lap times

Of course, standard features like alarms, stopwatch, count-down timers and world times are here as well.

The G-SHOCK G-Lide GBX100 will be released in July 2020, with the price tag of USD$160.

Image sourced from G-SHOCK