iPhone MagSafe dual chargers will be available at USD$129

Apple has announced the MagSafe Duo Charger earlier, and the long-awaited charger has finally appeared on Apple store. This charger can charge iPhone and Apple Watch simultaneously. While the price tag has been set at USD$129, release details has not been given yet.

Image sourced from Unwire

The MagSafe dual charger can be folded and stored for easy carrying, the portable design is perfect for users who have both iPhone and Apple Watch for their trip.

For the package, it includes the charger itself and a 1-meter-long USB-C to Lightning cable, and the power brick is not included. Apple recommends to buy its own 20W power brick for extra $19.

Image sourced from Apple

In addition, Apple also announced its leather iPhone 12 case, which comes in four colors — blue, pink, brown, and red — and offer both an interior pocket to store a credit card and a matching wrist strap.

Similar to MagSafe, the leather iPhone 12 case also carries a USD$129 price tag and listed as “coming soon” with no release information yet.