Leak shows Xbox next-generation controller, accidentally revealing Microsoft’s unpublished console

The Xbox Series X controller package was first published on Twitter by Arab Twitter user @TinyRakan.

At first, not many people noticed it until American player Zak S obtained the same controller and published it on Twitter. The leaks have caught the attention of The Verge, who had contacted Zak S and confirmed the controller is genuine.

If the controller is genuine, the package box clearly indicates that the controller supports Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, the latter is the rumored console that Microsoft has not yet published.

According to the rumors, Xbox Series S is likely to be a low-end version of Xbox Series X, which has the same CPU of Xbox Series X, but Ram is reduced to 8GB (Xbox Series X is 16GB) and GPU computing power is about 4 teraflops ( Xbox Series X is 12 Teraflops).