LG announced 5 new super lightweight LG Gram, with the addition of convertible options

One week ahead CES 2021, LG announced 5 variants of LG Gram, all equipped with the latest 11th-gen Intel processors. The 2021 LG Gram series includes 3 regular models – LG Gram 17, LG Gram 16 and LG Gram 14; and two convertibles – LG Gram 2-in-1 16 and LG Gram 2-in-1 14.

16:10 Aspect Ratio

New laptops released in the second half of 2020 started to ship with 16:10 screen aspect ratio, which is a welcoming trend for new laptops as it give users a larger real-estate to work with. LG followed the trend and update all LG Gram variants to 16:10 screen aspect ratio, from last years’ 16:9.


Lightweight is the key selling point for LG Gram, and there is no exception for this year’s Gram as they are insanely lightweight in respective to their size. The LG Gram 17, 16, 14 weighs 1.35kg, 1.19kg and 0.99kg respectively. In comparison, the Macbook Pro 13 weighs 1.37kg. That shows how portable the LG Gram series is.


LG has yet to confirm pricing and availability of the 2021 LG Gram series, but considering the 10th gen Intel processor versions are costing at least $1,000 USD, the 2021 series should have similar pricing.