Minecraft Dungeons’ Creeping Winter DLC is coming next month

Xbox Game Studios has confirmed that “The Creeping Winter”, the next frost-themed DLC of Minecraft Dungeons, will be officially released on 8 September.

The new DLC will feature new missions and enemies, and adding new items to loot, including armor, weapons, and artifacts.

Image sourced from Minecraft

Although “The Creeping Winter” is a paid DLC, a free content update will also be rolled out simultaneously. Players get a blacksmith and a ‘Gift Wrapper’ from the new DLC, which the latter will allow players to exchange items with each other.

Image sourced from Minecraft

Aside from the new merchants, Daily Trials will also be featured. According to the updates, “Daily Trials make wild changes to the game mechanics which provide difficult, experimental, or fun challenges for you to overcome.”