Overwatch 2: a sequel with new story, heroes, game modes and more to come

What is Overwatch 2, exactly?

Overwatch 2 is an official sequel of the original Overwatch, just like a new patch which features both new PVE and PVP game modes. All of the data including levels, items, achievements will be retained as the original Overwatch client will be upgraded simultaneously to share the server with Overwatch 2.

New Push mode:

Besides from the original game mode, a new type of map: PUSH will be coming. A robot begins in a central location and 2 teams fight to take control of it, either team can take control of the robot anytime. The team that pushes it towards the furthest onto the other side wins.

Image sourced from Blizzard
Image sourced from Blizzard

Gorgeous new PVP maps

More iconic international locations will arrived. Monte Carlo, Toronto, Gothenburg, and Rio De Janeiro are the four gorgeous maps that revealed with great details.

Image sourced from Blizzard

CO-OP missions:

A series of four-player missions to fight against the omnic attacks and the upcoming new threats. The story missions need to be completed by a group of 4 designated heroes. For instance, Reinhardt, Lucio, Tracer and Mei forms the squad in the Rio de Janeiro mission, the traditional MMORPG combination of tank, healer and DPS fits perfectly in the PVE game mode.

Image sourced from Blizzard

Level up to unlock hero talent

Level up your heroes, and unlock high-powered, customizable gears to help your alliance to beat the odds. Upon certain levels, players can unlock one of two talents and power-up their heroes to fit the team’s matchup. For example, Tracer can choose to level up either pulse bomb which would trigger a chain explosion or the passive ability to reload ammo for pulse pistols.

Image sourced from Blizzard

No more new heroes will release until Overwatch 2

With the latest release of Echo, Blizzard confirms no more new heroes will come to the game until the release of Overwatch 2. Multiple new heroes can be expected to release at game launch.

Image sourced from Blizzard