THE HYPER SCAPE: Play open beta now!

Presented by UBISOFT, The Hyper Scape Open Beta is available now on PC! Let’s join the 100 players battle royale game in Neo Arcadia!

100 players battle royale in Neo Arcadia

The Hyper Scape is a 100 players battle royale game in a virtual city, Neo Arcadia. Players can team up with their friends or other players (up to 3 players in a team), 10 weapons and 10 hacks (abilities) are available in the beta for players to compete with each other.

Video sourced from UBISOFT

There are two ways to win in The Hyper Scape:

  • Fight to be the last one standing
  • Capture the Crown and keep possession of it for long enough
Video sourced from UBISOFT
Video sourced from UBISOFT

5 Essential Tips for New Players

Knowing the technique and game features before you get into the game will definitely help you to become a pro player. Here are the 5 essential tips for new players:

Video sourced from UBISOFT

Free battle pass rewards

Once you join the open beta, you will receive a free battle pass with 30 tiers reward which includes exclusive cosmetic items. More importantly, all battle pass items you earn during the open beta will remain on your account permanently.