The “Request Access” function is available on Steam store, “Total War: ELYSIUM” is being called for beta

As the world’s largest PC game platform, Steam’s functions are becoming more and more comprehensive. Not only game publishers could release demo version on the store page, players will also be able to join close betas and access new features.

According to the latest information from SteamDB administrators, Steam is allowing game publishers to add “Request Access” function on their game store pages and players could join the beta with a few clicks.

With this feature, publishers can have better control on when the test should launch, and players could receive notifications to download the game and join the beta.

Many video games on the market have beta versions for debugging and stress testing before they are put on shelves. Usually, betas would be promoted via the game’s official website, with additional bandwidth and configurations needed for hosting the game files for download. This process is cumbersome for independent developers lacking resources.

Image sourced from Steam

With the new “Request Access” feature, a lot of game development effort could be saved by directly using Steam as the main platform for betas.

In addition, the first game to apply this feature is “Total War: ELYSIUM”, a free strategy card game currently being developed by Creative Assembly.