UNIQLO UT x “DORAEMON” launches T-Shirt series to celebrate 50th anniversary

A collaboration that suits all age.

The BILLIE EILISH BY TAKASHI MURAKAMIUT launched last month by UNIQLO and UT. Two brands just launched a joint project, the new “DORAEMON” series, the famous Japanese animate, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the iconic Japanese animate.

The new design concept will draw from the upcoming “Stand by Me DORAEMON 2” movie, including the popular characters and the props that appear in the iconic scenes, which is design for the fans all around the world. The new series is also available in children’s garments. There are 8 adult UTs and 6 children’s UTs, which will be launched on 26 June and available in both retail and online stores.

Image sourced from Uniqlo
Image sourced from Uniqlo