Warframe’s Third Open World, Heart of Deimos, will be released on August 25

The new Warframe’s third open-world, Heart of Deimos, will be available on Steam at 25 August 2020, allowing players to customize their game in the Helminth Chrysalis System, Necromechs, and more.

We took a glance at TennoCon 2020, Deimos’ open-world features a beautiful landscape that has been overrun by Infested enemies, the dark Entrati, and more “sights unseen in ever-changing underground cave networks.”

Players are able to “harness the power of the Void” with the community-designed Xaku, which also happens to be the second-ever Warframe to be “designed by the Tenno.”

Video sourced from PlayWarframe

Moreover, players are able to use new Necromechs, which can be used in every open-world zone. These Necromechs t have a ton of firepower and defense, even though they are slower than regular Warframes.

In addition, players can unlock a new suite of abilities through the Helminth Chrysalis System by feeding the Helminth resources. The Helminth can also consume a whole Warframe to extract abilities and infuse into another.

Video sourced from PlayWarframe

According to Polygon, Deimos, the second moon of Mars, is smaller but denser than Orb Vallis and Plains of Eidolon’s open zones. There will not be standard day-night cycle, yet “two giant worms are battling back and forth for dominance.

One worm, a striking orange fellow, signifies that waves of Infested will attack. But each day, the blue worm will triumph, and the planet will become a more peaceful place for a time.”

While it is confirmed that Warframe’s third open-world, Heart of Deimos will be released on 25 August, the official release date on Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 has not been announced yet.