Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition: Gameplay, New Content and more

Xenoblade Chronicles has arrived on Nintendo Switch on 29 May, 2020, after a much awaited debut in 2012. The gaming system is fundamentally similar to the predecessor, Xenoblade Chronicles 2, so the players will be familiar with the system if they have played the series before.


The original Xenoblade Chronicles follows the story of Shulk and his childhood friend Reyn as they set off on a quest for revenge against the Mechon after the robotic invaders attacked Shulk’s hometown of Colony 9. In definitive edition, a brand-new chapter, Future Connected, will set one year after the events of the main game.

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Damage Source: Monado Arts

Monado is the only source capable of dealing damage to Mechon, which has its own suite of Arts that Shulk is able to buff allies apart from his standard attacks. The Monado Arts can be unlocked through the story to fight with the escalating threats. Players can control a character that matches their playstyle and interact with others that are controlled by AI using Monado Arts.

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Vision is given to change the future

Shulk is given the power of clairvoyance by The Monado, which will have a vision of the devastating attack before it really happens during the fight. Player can use this vision during the battle and change the future in a few ways:

  • Warn a teammate by spending one segment of the Party Gauge to disrupt the incoming attack.
  • Using a Monado Art to shield allies from the incoming attack.
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So what has improved, so far?

As mentioned before, the gaming system is fundamentally the same, but there are some aspects that have been improved which deserve our appreciation: the map UI now has a waypoint guiding you towards the objectives instead of an arrow; health bars are on characters now, and quest items are marked with an exclamation point so the players know which they should pick up instead of running toward every glowing blue orb. Besides, a “chance indicator” will also pop up during the fight if you are positioned to benefit from damage bonuses and special buffs.

Image sourced from Nintendo


The new chapter of the story inspirational, with great graphic improvements and the remarkable battle system to provide an immersive adventure to the players which makes this the best version of Xenoblade Chronicles all times.